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With the high demand of technology and mobile solutions today, developing businesses are meeting the inevitable crossroads of adding or changing to a software solution that will improve their business processes.

The question that has to be asked at this crossroads is, “Should your process adapt to the software or should the software adapt to your process?”

While an off-the-shelf software solution is common and may come in a pretty package, business owners are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that packaged software is not always a complete solution for every business. Your process is your fingerprint that sets you apart and your software should work for that process, not the other way around. Custom software solutions are designed to cater to your business process and can offer a range of benefits that can ultimately help your business function more efficiently and grow.

Here are the Top 5 Simple Reasons Your Process Needs Custom Software:

1. Tailor-Made

Jumping on the bandwagon of using the same solution as other businesses can have its merits at times, but to what cost? Your business is a living and growing entity and your process is what sets it apart. The most important benefit of custom software is that it celebrates your business difference by being tailor made by developers to meet your needs and best serve your business process.

2. Minimal Cost

In the short term, sometimes the cost associated with developing custom software for your business is higher than purchasing a ready-made software, and sometime they are not. However, costs can be cut in hardware acquisition because developers can design the software to work seamlessly with hardware that you already possess. The long-term benefits are far more valuable because a custom software solution can grow and adapt with your business.

3. Security

Any software solution is not immune to external threats, but you can reduce the risks of occurrence. If the security of a piece of packaged software is compromised, then every company using that software is at risk. With custom software, the risk of external threats is reduced to the slight chance of specific and targeted attacks. You have the control to add whatever extra security measures you think your application needs.

4. Integration

Do you have multiple tools and programs that are already part of your process? A custom software solution can be one solution designed to integrate multiple processes and simultaneously accomplish more of what you need.

5. Support

A major benefit with custom software is that you have access to a reliable support team. The technical support will have the best understanding of any issues you encounter because they have first-hand involvement in the development of the software; so all encountered problems are resolved in an effective and efficient manner.

This is just the beginning…

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