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I just used the copy media function on Daily Ritual. MY all day project was just reduced to 15min.! If no one has told you how much you are appreciated today, let me fill in that situation. YOU are ALL greatly appreciated! Thank you very much for your work and applications. You are the best of the best not to mention you made my day today!

-Manny Corti, Executive Assistant to the President, Cooper Pest Solutions

ABC Home & Commercial Services is my family’s 64 year old, family run business. We started as pest control only, and have expanded beyond pest control to offer a variety of other services. One of the toughest parts of the sales process for us has always been a heavy dependency on paper – lots and lots of paper. Thanks to Quacito, we’ve now been able to reduce our dependency on paper (and the associated printing costs). Additionally, our process of handling customer leads and calculating quotes and estimates for customers has been made much easier because of Quacito’s custom designed software and mobile app. The software and app both automate the lead process as well as the customer proposal process by taking what was cumbersome sets of expensive multipart NCR forms, and converting them to easy to fill out fields on an iPad. The customer ends up with an easy to read, more comprehensive proposal, and our sales inspectors are less burdened by multiple forms and paperwork. I sincerely recommend Quacito and their fine team of software and mobile applications, professionals.

-President, ABC Home & Commercial Services , Bobby Jenkins

Working with Quacito on our website was exciting and felt like working with family! The constant communication about the details of the project was wonderful. They ensured that nothing was missed and that we stayed up-to-date on the entire process. The team's knowledge of their profession is impeccable. The Artesia Springs website really needed a fresh look, and that's just what we got! Our page is up and running. We now have the ability to process online orders and payments. Even when we are closed the website is still working for us, ready to take a payment or process a new order. We have received very good feedback from our existing and new customers. The overall experience was great and we couldn't be more satisfied with the results. We look forward to our continued business with them.

-Laura Garza

Quacito did an amazing job for our website. They took our exact ideas and put them into a layout of what we were looking for and that other companies were unable to do. Add-ons and changes were not a problem after the initial setup. I am glad we chose such an experienced professional company for our website design.

-Rachel Calamaco

For over 5 years, Quacito has produced excellent web based solutions for Sakura. We continue to utilize their support services. I am very impressed by their quick turnaround, energy and willingness to work on every aspect of our needs. By providing information, options and recommendations, they have always proposed solutions, which are best for our company to help us make quality decisions.

-Julia Reed

I have been working on a major software project with Quacito that is transforming my business. With their consulting & direction, we are combining two departments into one and netting a 20% reduction in personnel. We used a very manual process, but streamlined it by using automated systems. With this, we not only increased our bottom-line, but at the same time gave our clients and their employees complete access to their benefit information. It's a game changer for EBS, and we highly recommend Quacito to everyone.

-Pete Villemain - President, EBS

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