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AVA method got a new platform for event management

AVA method is into business of event management. The basic business model of the company is to act as a mediator or a connecting node among the parties that relate to some specific event. It connects event planners, managers, vendors and customers for a complete event management process. Before transforming their business process into e-process, they had to manually coordinate with individual party involved in an event. They faced extreme difficulty to keep a track of task status, because of multiple dependencies among parties.

To come up with one-stop solution for AVA Method, we conducted a profound analysis of their entire business work flow. What we discovered was due to random modifications and cross functional complex communication flow, they were unable to track the exact status of any task. Because of multiple dependencies among parties involved, they were also struggling with the problem of duplication of task. As an event is a combination of multidisciplinary roles, it involves a lot of communication. After a thorough study of their business model, we developed a multitasking website which could serve as a platform for all the parties to interact and coordinate.

This website transformed their complete business into an online process. To provide flexibility to its users we provided multiple log-in accounts to their website. With separate dashboard event planners, vendors, employees and clients could better coordinate. The website also supported a reviewer log-in which could help client to delegate the supervising the task to some close friends. With the payment integration event planner could conveniently manage his entire business online.

Our web solution provided a complete automation to their business process. This further eliminated the duplication of work. Resources could be better allocated. Vendors, clients and event planner can enjoy better flow of communication and coordination.


Some of the Major benefits that EBS gained through our Business Process Automation

  • AVA Method website provides seven individual log ins for its users
  • Extensive Dashboard for all members with easy editing options
  • Options to create questionnaire and event proposals
  • Complete task management from delegation to report tracking
  • Integration of e-signature for client approval
  • Report generation for event planners and vendors
  • Event-wise activity report
  • Proposal status report

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