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EBS- Employee Benefit Services- Case Study

EBS- Employee Benefit Services have been serving as a full service insurance broker firm for 25 years. As a key business model of the company, EBS acts as a crucial intermediary between insurance provider companies and employers that are seeking an appropriate insurance plan for their employees. EBS has versatile clientele including organizations with employee size ranging from 20 to 200 employees. EBS being a delegate, had a high-end manual documentation process running parallel on both ends. This involved engagement of more employees on less work and was adversely influencing their work efficiency.

Complicated paper work and manual process was even restricting EBS to adopt open door into their business model. As EBS members were unable to access information, which was highly affecting the transparency of business process An effective business consultation accompanied by EBS valuable feedback helped us draw a unique paperless solution that could conveniently cater all their business hurdles.

With this process automation solution, EBS got a complete control over the business process. With this web portal the client company and all its members had an easy access to entire information relating to their insurance plans and benefits. We transformed the long paper based documentation process into a simple, less time-consuming, online and offline compatible process. With this automated solution, EBS was able to break down lengthy and complex process, facilitating organized record tracking.

Our Process automation solution even simplified the billing system and generation of billing reports. EBS members could easily access information and update status online, while EBS employees easily managed billing. This business process automation enhance the business efficiency resulting in a remarkable increase of 35% to 45%. Integration of advance technology in their business process, EBS was even able to fetch more sales and gain more points on client satisfaction at the same time.


Some of the Major benefits that EBS gained through our Business Process Automation

  • EBS got a complete freedom form complex billing process.
  • Clients and their employees got access to the same information.
  • Process automation eliminated the paper documentation process.
  • EBS gained a 35% to 45% hike in their Business efficiency.
  • Employee work efficiency was improved as they could conveniently manage more work.
  • With a transparent business process EBS was able to close more sales.

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