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ABC Houston

Our Automation solution empowered ABC with simplified Business Process.

ABC home and commercial services has been serving since 1949, it is one of the most trusted provider of home and commercial services. Before using a paperless automated solution, ABC had a prolonged business process. Because of a diversified portfolio of services, they had a distinct application form for each service offered. ABC provided a bundle of services at a particular time and sales technician had to prepare sales contracts manually. What complicated their business process more, were tedious and overlong price calculations that were done specifically at the time of service delivery. Moreover, such complications intensely affected delivery time lines and even burdened their overall budget with additional training cost on price calculations.

After a detailed business consultation and thorough Business Process analysis supported by ABC, we together came up with a paperless solution that automated their entire business process. With our business process automation, sales manager could easily import data from Pestpac and assign leads to sales representatives. The respective sales representative had a clear picture of the appointments allotted to him by a secure log in with Quacito Sales Pricing & Agreement portal. This furthermore, alleviated their work as sales agreement and pricing were entirely automated. The sales representative could easily take the user’s signature on iPad and generate quick sales receipts, that were then conveniently emailed to the client. In a nutshell, ABC through this paperless solution got an entire sales process automation.

A Complete business process automation helped them eliminate the hurdle of complex price calculation, and furthermore improve their overall business efficiency. By automating the entire sales process, they could better concentrate on quality of service and effectively meet the delivery time lines.

This Business Process Automation Helped ABC to allocate right data to right people at right time for right decision.

Some of the key improvements that completely changed the picture of ABC business process:

  • Approval of sales agreement through digital signature on sales technician’s iPad simplified the generation of sales receipts.
  • Quick transfer of data from Pestpac enabled sales manager to have complete record of leads.
  • Use of Quacito Sales Pricing & Agreement portal helped sales representatives to have a quick view of allotted leads.
  • Automated price calculations eliminated the risk of miscalculations.
  • With complete Business Process Automation ABC could better meet consistent time lines.

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