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Management Team

Sonal Jain

President Quacito LLC

Ms. Sonal Jain brings 12 years of rich entrepreneurial experience to Quacito. She has studied Business Administration and Masters in Economics. As President of Quacito, Ms. Sonal Jain is responsible to maintain a strong strategic relations with clients. Her scope of working includes every thing that is needed to maintain Quacito brand name. She acts as a key nodal Point between business resources and clients demands and hence is responsible to manage resources to perfectly match clients expectations. Since, she had joined as president to the company, she has immensely contributed to business growth by bringing repeated business and increasing customer conversion ratio.

Apart from being president to the company, she also owns Able Records. In the course of years, Ms Sonal Jain has taken Able Records from conceptual records management to a tangible product for electronic document management.

Nitesh Jain

Chief Executive Officer, Quacito LLC

Mr. Nitesh Jain associated with Quacito LLC in 2004 with the vision to provide operational independence to business concerns through time and cost effective automated solutions. As Chief Executive Officer to the company, Mr. Nitesh Jain takes charge to set direction and is responsible for effective execution of all set plans. He holds a Masters in Management Technology from UTSA, Engineering in Computer Science and Diploma in Business Finance. With a rich knowledge backup and 16 years of Corporate experience, Mr. Nitesh Jain has a strong passion for innovative technology and directs the company resources to bring best technology solutions for clients.

Being CEO of the company, Mr. Jain ensures efficient product development and keeps a strong eye on market trends to implement timely expansion plans and product upgrades. Before joining Quacito LLC, he has worked with various corporate projects and brings deep insights from his industry experience. Excellent interpersonal, relation-building, mentoring and project lead skills forms a part of his expertise that has taken Quacito to new heights by helping businesses align their technologies with business strategy.

Rakesh Jain

Chief Operations Officer, India Operations

Mr. Rakesh Jain brings 22 years of corporate experience to Quacito. Since, his association as COO to the company, he has given many innovative ideas a successful reality that are counted as some of the best projects in companies portfolio. Taking collective strength of team and innovation as key element of his master plan for success, he gives all his dedicated efforts in bringing the best for the company’s goodwill and success.

As Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Rakesh Jain ensures quality efficient and time effective project delivery. Being the key person responsible for India operations, he takes complete care of project life cycle, right from resource allocation to plan execution and final delivery to the client. Mr. Rakesh Jain holds Engineering and Masters in Business Administration and therefore, is embraced with both technical know how and entrepreneurial expertise that have greatly contributed to operational efficiency in our company. One of his major achievements in India market is ‘Citizen Cop’, a mobile application launched in India that has already earned a lot of success and popularity in Indian market.

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